Healing for the easily bruised and sensitive skin

At LA Ageless, we implement a variety of safety and comfort precautions with care to provide maximum comfort, allowing for a painless experience with minimal downtime. However, for individuals with thin skin that tends to bruise easily, we offer a rescue treatment that swiftly reduces redness, bruising, and sensitivity.

These products are specifically made and designed for post-aesthetic injections in case you need extra healing assistance. They are suitable for all areas of the face.


FILTERED is a post-treatment concealer that not only conceals but also aids in the healing process. Available in beige and tan shades, this concealer is infused with hemp extract and
other soothing ingredients to reduce discoloration and tenderness.
FILTERED is designed to provide coverage without looking heavy, ensuring a natural appearance while supporting active recovery and reducing downtime.

Available for in store purchase $30


FADED is a post-treatment cream combining CBD and Arnica, known for their anti-inflammatory properties. It’s specifically formulated to address bruising, inflammation, and pain that can occur after procedures like injections and PDO threads. By supporting active recovery and homeostasis, FADED helps reduce downtime, making it an excellent choice for both practitioners and clients seeking a smoother post-treatment recovery.

Available for in store purchase $75

Experience the power of seamless recovery with our Healing and Anti-Bruising solutions, designed to rejuvenate and restore your skin post-treatment.

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