Comfort menu

  • Icey, Buzzy, Squeezy
  • light topical numbing cream

Comfort Elevated


  • Hemp infused CBD oil- Relieves sensitivity (sublingual)
  • Injectable nerve block

Take Home Healing Beauty

Topical anti-bruising & rapid recovery healing. Formulated specifically for post-injection care.

  • Topical Arnica CBD infused anti- bruising cream. Rapidly abolishes bruising and inflammation. Applied daily
  • “The special sauce” concealer. Immediate reduction of bruising and all skin imperfections

In House Healing Beauty

Topical High-Power Healing for accelerated skin rejuvenation to make you look younger faster!

  • Specialized Arnica oil with CBD: Our immediate remedy for inflammation and swelling post-injections
  • Exosomes: Expedite your youthful appearance on a cellular level. Seeing is believing!
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