Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentations in Beverly Hills are a fantastic treatment option for anyone who is looking to enhance the look of their cheeks in a non-invasive way. Consider using cheek fillers if you feel self-conscious about having low cheekbones or if you are wanting to accentuate round, full cheeks to provide the appearance of freshness and youthfulness.

What Is A Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation utilizes different types of fillers that are injected to add volume to the region above and around the cheeks. Cheek injections may be used to restore a younger-looking face or to provide the appearance of a face with a more defined bone structure and shape.

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What Kind Of Results Should Patients Expect From Their Cheek Augmentation?

Most patients see results as soon as the injection is finished since most fillers will take effect right away. Swelling of varying degrees can occur which is quite normal. The filler does, however, take a day or two to reach its ultimate location in your face. Dermal fillers that we utilize in Beverly Hills can last anywhere from six months to a full year. If you’re looking to prolong the longevity of your results, patients are recommended to get maintenance treatments whenever they notice that their results are diminishing.

Your Cheek Augmentation Process In Beverly Hills

The Consultation Process

During your consultation with our skilled cosmetic injector, Nurse Jess, you will discuss the outcomes you want to achieve with this treatment. You will then create a tailored treatment plan with the appropriate fillers suited to your skin and needs.

The Treatment Process

To start the treatment, you will lay back throughout the procedure in a sterile, clean clinical setting. A combination of art and in-depth understanding of face anatomy go into the injection process by Nurse Jess. From there, the filler is injected into the regions that will provide you the absolute best results. The course of therapy should take roughly 30 minutes to an hour depending on your treatment plan.

How Can Cheek Fillers Help?

For cheek augmentation, LA Ageless in Beverly Hills offers a variety of filler material choices. The major forms of dermal fillers we utilize around the cheekbone region are hyaluronic acid.

The lifespan of HA cheek fillers might range from six months to a year, depending on the kind we choose together. Eventually, the dermal filler material disappears and is metabolized by your skin tissue. If the outcomes weren’t what you wanted, they are completely reversible.

Cheek fillers increase the volume of the skin above and around the cheekbones. This gives the appearance that the bone structure is more clearly defined. Cheek fillers may also sculpt and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines by injecting volume into the deep skin layer.

Learn More About The Cheek Augmentation Process And How It Can Benefit You In Beverly Hills

A cheek augmentation is not only capable of restoring the look of full cheeks but it can also balance facial features for a beautiful symmetrical look. If you’re looking for a personalized treatment plan based on your needs please give our Nurse Jess a call today!

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