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Morpheus8 Facial Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA

Morpheus8 facial treatments are by far one of the best treatments on the market for reducing the look of aged skin while also promoting the natural collagen formation in the skin. Patients can expect beautiful and youthful results in just a few quick treatments.

What Is Morpheus8 Face Treatment?

A non-surgical advanced needling procedure called Morpheus8 has been gaining much more popularity on the market. As we become older, our skin starts to lose its suppleness, which causes wrinkles, creases, and sagging to show. In order to tighten and reduce wrinkles on the face, a Morpheus8 treatment promotes collagen formation using radiofrequency. Morpheus8 transforms your complexion and restores more young face skin by gently penetrating the skin deeper than conventional needling procedures.

Morpheus8 Face Machine | LA Ageless Medical Aesthetics in Beverly Hills

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

To address a range of skincare issues, Morpheus8 combines radio frequency technology, needling, and fractional treatments. The skin is penetrated by tiny needles, which heat the tissue and encourage the creation of collagen. The depth to which the needles enter the skin with Morpheus8 sets it apart from other needling procedures used. A more precise method of organically sculpting the face will be made possible by contouring and fine-tuning the subdermal layers based on the patient’s needs.

Advantages Of Morpheus8 Face

  • Increased synthesis of collagen
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces acne scarring
  • Fades stretch marks
  • Quick treatment
  • No downtime
  • Almost immediate results

What Does Morpheus8 Treat?

Morpheus8 has various applications and may be used to treat a wide range of aesthetic issues on the face and body, including nasolabial folds, jowling, wrinkles and lines, a decrease of facial fat volume in the midface, aging in the neck, acne and acne scars. Because Morpheus8 doesn’t need anesthesia or incisions, you may have the treatment done and return to your regular schedule a few days later.

Who Is A Candidate For Morpheus8 Face Treatments?

Morpheus8 may be the best option for you if you want to lessen the effects of aging but are not ready to undertake a more intrusive procedure. The majority of healthy men and women are suitable Morpheus8 candidates. Nurse Jess at LA Ageless is qualified to provide this procedure to any patient.

Morpheus8 may be useful for those who want to decrease sun damage, enhance texture that is uneven, and smooth out lines and wrinkles on the face.

Young Woman Getting Morpheus8 Face Treatment | LA Ageless Medical Aesthetics in Beverly Hills

How Long Does A Treatment With Morpheus8 Take?

The course of therapy may vary depending on the demands of the patient. Normally, the process takes around 30 to 60 minutes to finish for the face and it can take much longer if it is combined with additional treatments.

What Is The Recovery Process After Morpheus8?

There won’t be any downtime or rehabilitation required since Morpheus8 is a non-invasive process. The day following their therapy, the majority of patients go back to work. You could notice a little spotty bleeding from the needles after the procedure. This should only go on for a short while.

For up to a week, your skin will be red and heated, feeling a little sunburned. Although it is a small issue, swelling surrounding the treated regions should go away in a day or two. It is advised to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen and a quality moisturizer.

When Will You See The Morpheus8 Results?

Your skin will feel renewed, improved, and invigorated after a Morpheus8 treatment and the results usually take a few days to show through. Over the course of a few weeks, new collagen layers will start to volumize and fill thin skin contours, firming your skin to make it seem smoother and more young. The skin’s general tone and texture will be better than they were before you started the treatment, and you’ll start to see a slight lift with reduced skin laxity.

Young Woman Getting Morpheus8 Face Treatment | LA Ageless Medical Aesthetics in Beverly Hills

How Many Morpheus8 Treatments Do You Need?

For complete, all-encompassing advantages, it is advised that you undertake a series of treatments with Morpheus8. Nurse Jess will examine your skin as well as the concerns you’d like to treat and will develop a treatment plan according to those needs.

Learn More About Our Morpheus8 Face Treatments In Beverly Hills

With only a few quick treatments, Morpheus8 face treatments contribute immensely to providing flawless-looking skin. Please call our specialists or complete a contact form to learn more about how this treatment option might benefit you and your skin!

Morpheus8 Body

For a number of reasons, The Morpheus8 Body is among the greatest treatments available. It can renew skin everywhere on the body in addition to being customized to thin and shape certain areas.

What Is Morpheus8 Body?

The only FDA-approved technology that offers deep 8mm subdermal adipose tissue remodeling is called Morpheus8 Body. A matrix of 40 thin, gold-coated microneedles with an 8mm thermal profile makes up the distinctive big surface tip.

The deepest levels of RF energy are immediately able to treat vast tissue surface regions using Morpheus8 Body. The scientifically validated Mopheus8 technique uses fractional coagulation of fat and bulk sub-nectronic heating to modify subdermal and dermal tissue, giving technicians a quick and effective way to treat greater body regions for skin remodeling and resurfacing.

Young woman getting Morpheus8 Body Treatment | LA Ageless Medical Aesthetics in Beverly Hills

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

The Morpheus8 Body, which is outfitted with Burst mode RF Vulcanization technology, automatically applies bipolar RF energy to many treatment depths in a single cycle. With the capacity to target tissue progressively at three layers, at millisecond intervals, treatment times may be greatly decreased, skin damage can be reduced, treatment uniformity can be improved, and customized whole body fractional procedures can be performed.

How Can The Morpheus8 Treatment Help?

We utilize the Morpheus8 Body device at LA Ageless for both men and women looking for distinct results. Cellulite, crepey skin, and body fat are all conditions that Morpheus8 Body cures more effectively than traditional methods.

Rebuilding collagen and promoting the formation of new cells are two effects of the controlled heating of the deep skin layers by RF radiation. Morpheus8 rejuvenates, tones, and tightens the skin using a matrix of micro-pins.

Which Parts Of The Body Can Morpheus8 Treat?

Morpheus8 can be used to treat a variety of concerns on the body due to the natural aging process, birth and delivery as well as weight fluctuations. Morpheus speeds up the process of returning your skin to its firmness and smoothness before having a baby or after enduring signs of aging. Morpheus also helps with abdominal stretch marks.

Morpheus8 can also treat the knees or arms that have crepey skin that bothers you. It can also reduce the look of cellulite as well as wrinkles and fine lines on the body.

Young woman getting Morpheus8 Body Treatment | LA Ageless Medical Aesthetics in Beverly Hills

Your Morpheus8 Treatment Process In Beverly Hills

The Morpheus8 Consultation

You and Nurse Jess will talk about your skin troubles and the kinds of outcomes you’re looking for during your first visit. We will next discuss your skin care choices and consider if Morpheus8 might help you. You will create a successful treatment plan based on your requirements if it is determined that you are the best candidate for this therapy.

Your Treatment

For your comfort, the region is first numbed before starting on the treatment. Microneedles and RF heat are then applied deep and superficially in the skin, creating the appearance of a shrink wrap while also smoothing the skin. Your treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area being treated.

Your Recovery

There is no recovery following the Morpheus8 treatment. That said, 3 to 6 weeks following your treatment, take a look at your skin and physique to observe tightening, slimming, and smoothing; these effects will become better with time. For even greater cumulative effects, schedule a series of three sessions.

When Can I Expect To See Morpheus8 Body Results?

For the first three days after treatment, you should anticipate redness, some edema, and regions of tight or “shiny” skin. With deeper treatments for cellulite or body fat reduction, considerable bruising is anticipated, particularly in individuals who bruise easily. Flaky skin and mild peeling are also frequent side effects. Most patients start to notice a real difference after four weeks, and full benefits appear after three months.

The highest results are seen with Morpheus when three treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Multiple treatments spaced apart can assist your skin’s various layers in order to be renewed and repaired since cellular turnover happens over time.

Find Out If Morpheus8 Is The Treatment For You In Beverly Hills

Our Morpheus8 treatments are available if you’re looking for a procedure that can both tighten loose skin and improve the aesthetic appeal. To learn how this therapy may give you the skin you so richly deserve, contact Nurse Jess right now!

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